I love when crazy things happen in the NFL. You know, like two weeks ago when Brian Hartline went off. That‘s the kind of performance that makes me come back to the NFL and fantasy football.

Those kind of games that make us scratch our heads, and sometimes, question humanity…I love them. They’re what make the sport great. Brian Hartline? Wasn’t he just serving hamburgers at my local McDonalds? Doesn’t that mean that I could grab 253 yards against the Cardinals?

Week 6 was no different from the norm – crazy things happened. And to me, it wasn’t even Robert Griffin III’s ridiculous rushing performance against Minnesota that was the strangest performance. It wasn’t Aaron Rodgers’ six touchdown passes against the Houston defense, either. I wouldn’t even call Peyton Manning’s second half performance against San Diego the “He did what?” show of the week.

Shonn Greene, folks. Shonn expletive Greene. Yes, it was against Indianapolis. But it was also Shonn Greene. His rushing effort made me get off the couch, run to the refrigerator and grab the first beer I saw. Was I celebrating? No, because there’s no way I’d ever be a Jets fan or own Shonn Greene in fantasy. The guy is so backwards that he can’t spell his name correctly. I grabbed a beer because it was the moment for Week 6.

I wanted to celebrate.

Here’s some more insanity from the sixth week of the NFL season:

Week 6 Numbers

Phillip Rivers and Matt Ryan combined to throw 7 interceptions. Before Sunday, these two had combined to throw 8 all season.

I don’t think the Matt Ryan thing is anything to worry about, but if you’re a Phillip Rivers owner, you may want to start looking for a better option. The position is just too deep to settle this season.

Shonn Greene had 3 rushing touchdowns. That alone would place him 9th in the league in scores on the ground.

Again, what’s there to say? The guy is bad at football. It just makes me wonder more about the Indy rush defense more than anything.

LeGarrette Blount had the highest yards per carry average during Week 6.

Doug Martin owners beware?

Isaac Redman was the only running back with over 100 receiving yards.

And then he got hurt. He gained a lot of those yards off of one play, but Redman is back to his third-down back role as long as Mendenhall is healthy.

Dez Bryant led all receivers with 15 targets. He had just 33 the entire season before this past week.

The Cowboys should have won that game, which makes me think Romo may look for Dez more and more as the season progresses. Look, he’s the most talented receiver on that team, and that’s saying something. If he gets looks, he can do damage.

I feel like a broken record. Don’t we say this every year?

Jeremy Kerley was 6th in the league at wide receiver in team target percentage.

The problem with this, however, is that Kerley saw just six targets.

Ahmad Bradshaw was the only non-Shonn Greene running back to rush for over 100 yards. 

Against the 49ers, too. I was high on Bradshaw at the beginning of the season, and told a lot of people to get him. I think it’s starting to pay off.

Russell Wilson threw the highest percentage of passes more than 15 yards.

Wilson threw 37% of his passes deep, while Rodgers threw 32% of his deep. Is it a coincidence that both of their teams won?

Peyton Manning led all quarterbacks with a completion percentage of 80%.

Peyton Manning loves Monday Night Football, and it showed in the second half against San Diego. The dude is unbelievable.

Tom Brady and Christian Ponder were the only two quarterbacks with over 50 pass attempts.

Brady threw a lot because he can, while Ponder was down for the majority of the game. That’s why this statistic happened.

Josh Freeman led the league in average yards per attempt.

If the Bucs can get the ball down field more, then Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams owners will rejoice. It will depend on matchups for this team, though.

 There were 23 quarterbacks who threw for more yards than Redskins’ Robert Griffin III, but there was just 1, Aaron Rodgers, who scored more fantasy points.

Really? 138 rushing yards? I’ll be honest – I didn’t think another Cam Newton-like rookie season could happen again. I even said in my book that RGIII was a good late-round quarterback candidate, but he’d probably become overvalued because people would want the next Cam Newton.

There’s no overvaluing with RGIII. He’s for real.

Some Year to Date Statistics

Victor Cruz and Reggie Wayne lead the NFL with 70 targets.

No huge surprise here given the way their seasons have gone. I expect both to continue with their production.

LeSean McCoy is the only running back with multiple receiving touchdowns.

It’s a good thing he’s getting it done through the air, because he definitely isn’t on the ground.

James Jones has more touchdown receptions than anyone with 7, and he’s only caught 23 passes.

In other words, 30% of his receptions have been touchdowns. This is the time you sell James Jones high. Not only because this isn’t sustainable, but because Greg Jennings won’t be out forever.

Randall Cobb has the best catch rate in the league.

This may be surprising to some, but I credit this to shorter passes out of the backfield. Green Bay utilizes Cobb in unconventional ways just to get him the ball.

Mark Sanchez has completed less than half of his passes.

No, it’s not Tebow Time yet, but Mark Sanchez’s lack of weapons and lack of talent at the quarterback position is really creating some accuracy issues.

Ray Rice is the only running back with 200-plus receiving yards.

This is why you draft him early, right?