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Weekly Daily Dose: Week 2

13th of September, 2013

How about that Pryor kid? That is the kind of lottery ticket you target in daily play. He was one of the least expensive options with a great matchup and he came through. He certainly helped me out quite a bit. Though, not all of my calls worked out quite as well. Thompkins? Sudfeld? For […]

There’s No “I” in Fantasy Football: It’s Time to Be Rational

21st of January, 2013

As Joe Flacco threw his third touchdown against the Patriots, the single thought that rushed through my head was, “Here we go again.” I mentioned (well, it was more than just a mention) last week that I have this unreasonable disgust for the Ravens quarterback. I’ve never called him “bad” at the quarterback position, but […]

Reaction Monday: Matthew Stafford Defies Logic.

30th of October, 2012

Raise your hand if you benched Matthew Stafford this week. Don’t worry, my hand is raised too. Before you destroy me for even owning Stafford, I got him in a late-round last year in a keeper league. I kept him for $4 of my $200 auction budget this season. Now that that’s out of the […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 8

24th of October, 2012

Look, I really don’t like to brag. I think it’s stupid, especially with the majority of fantasy football talk. But man did my picks look good last week. I told you to start the Tampa Bay offense, Santana Moss, Josh Gordon and Chris Johnson. I reminded you that Matthew Stafford could struggle, and said the […]

Week 6 By the Numbers

16th of October, 2012

I love when crazy things happen in the NFL. You know, like two weeks ago when Brian Hartline went off. That‘s the kind of performance that makes me come back to the NFL and fantasy football. Those kind of games that make us scratch our heads, and sometimes, question humanity…I love them. They’re what make […]

Reaction Monday: Brian Hartline did what?

1st of October, 2012

I didn’t realize what Brian Hartline’s stat line looked like until he caught an 80-yard touchdown from Ryan Tannehill in the 4th quarter. And even after the touchdown occurred, I still didn’t believe it. How could Brian Hartline catch 12 passes for 253 yards and a touchdown against one of 2012’s best defenses? Better yet, […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 3

19th of September, 2012

Oh, you didn’t start Sam Bradford last week? And you decided to bench Trent Richardson? Not to fear. This happens every year. The first few weeks of a fantasy football season are the hardest to predict because the league is so fickle. I mean, did you really have Arizona’s defense playing as well as it […]

5 Invalid Claims About 2012 Wide Receivers

16th of July, 2012

Each season, fantasy owners and experts like to make generalizations about players that make little logical sense. They’ll compare two completely separate instances in order to come up with ill-informed conclusions. They’ll say things like, “this quarterback is bad, and so this wide receiver can’t be good.” The same is happening this year. We’ve got […]

Peyton Manning, Michael Vick and Risk vs. Reward

5th of July, 2012

The whole concept of risk vs. reward is what drives most fantasy football valuations. I can tell you to draft Jamaal Charles in the second round, but you may feel his coming off of a torn ACL (his risk) far outweighs his potential to reproduce the numbers he posted in 2010 (his reward). This idea […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Denver Broncos

1st of July, 2012

Training camps. Fantasy football mock drafts. The Home Run Derby. Beer. July. During this phenomenal month of anticipation, I plan to bring some fantasy football insight for each team in the NFL. I’ve creatively coined this “32 Teams in 32 Days”. Man, my originality has hit an ESPN low, hasn’t it? But what better way […]