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The Most Inconsistent Usable Players of 2012

29th of May, 2013

Consistency is defined as “The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.” Inconsistency, quite obviously, means the opposite. NFL players who never touch the ball throughout the season could be considered, given the definition, consistent. They’re just consistently bad, playing at a low level no matter the […]

Hot or Not: The Chris Ivory Story

2nd of May, 2013

What do we really know about Christopher Lee Ivory? Well, first off, did you know his middle name is Lee? Does that make you want to draft him more or less than before? The answer shouldn’t really matter, because Ivory is one of the hottest and most highly debated names in the fantasy football community […]

Week 12 By the Numbers

27th of November, 2012

The end of November is typically when we see ridiculous occurrences in the NFL. But there’s a reason for it. Players have gone through 12 or 13 weeks of battle. The war isn’t done, but they’re bruised, beaten and torn up. While some continue to fight, others are forced to the sideline with lingering pain […]

Week 6 By the Numbers

16th of October, 2012

I love when crazy things happen in the NFL. You know, like two weeks ago when Brian Hartline went off. That‘s the kind of performance that makes me come back to the NFL and fantasy football. Those kind of games that make us scratch our heads, and sometimes, question humanity…I love them. They’re what make […]

Reaction Monday: Shonn Greene is a Seoulja.

15th of October, 2012

They just want to be like us. Lighter skin, Levi Jeans, McDonalds and American first names are all something South Koreans are fond of. They like the typical American pop music. And hamburgers – they love hamburgers. They just want to be like us. Yet, they’re missing one big piece of American culture. You see, […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: New York Jets

13th of July, 2012

Mark Sanchez silently posted the 10th most fantasy points at the quarterback position last season. And then the Jets signed Tim Tebow. There’s not a lot of depth on offense for this year’s Jets team. They’ve got a new offensive coordinater in Tony Sparano, and it’s going to be interesting to see how he uses […]