I was wrong.

Chris Johnson is not a good running back. He shouldn’t have been a first round draft pick, and he shouldn’t be someone you’re starting in your weekly fantasy lineup. I told people to draft him, and it was clearly incorrect direction.

Look, you can’t be a good fantasy football manager if you don’t admit your faults. If you become attached to someone, and that someone doesn’t perform, you’re done for. I’ve said this to many, but I’m fortunate that I don’t own Chris Johnson on any of my teams. I chose the Darren McFadden route instead.

But to you CJ?K owners who followed my lead after reading my Chris Johnson article…I’m sorry.  We all make mistakes. Considering how well the late-round quarterback strategy is working this season, can you please forgive me?

If you do, I’ll give you another start/sit column. Actually, I’ll give you another one regardless.

Really Neat Week 4 Players

Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith are really neat.

…with a side of Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta. Seriously, who can’t have their way against a Haden-less Cleveland secondary?

Tom Brady and Brandon Lloyd are really neat.

Another quarterback and wide receiver duo that I like this week, Brady should have no problem against the Bills’ secondary. All he does is throw touchdowns against the team in Buffalo. If Lloyd could get in the end zone, he’d be a top fantasy wide receiver.

Michael Turner is really neat.

I never expected to put Turner in this category this season, but he’s got a favorable matchup against a team Andre Brown was able to run all over. He’s not a bad RB2 option this week.

The Seahawks’ defense is really neat.

They’re playing St. Louis, a team giving up the second most fantasy points to opposing defenses. And did you see what they did to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers? Start em’.

Ben Tate is really neat.

Of course you have to start Foster, but if you’re looking for a deeper option, look no further than Ben Tate. They’re playing one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL in Tennessee, and should have no trouble going up early on them.

Ryan Mathews is really neat.

Patient Mathews owners will be rewarded this week against a vulnerable Kansas City defense. I expect him to put up some monster numbers.

The Cardinals’ defense is really neat.

Two NFC West defenses are “really neat” this week? Realistically I could add San Francisco, too. The Cardinals D is for real, people.

Christian Ponder is really neat.

Another deeper play, but with bye weeks starting in Week 4, there’s a definite possibility that Ponder is a starter in leagues this week. I like him against a Detroit defense that just saw Jake Locker put up 44 points against them.

Peyton Manning is really neat.

Oakland’s secondary looked bad against Ben Roethlisberger’s Steelers this week, and there’s little reason for us to expect they’d perform any better against Peyton Manning.

Vincent Jackson is really neat.

The Washington defense allowed four Bengal receivers to snag 60-plus yards receiving in Week 3. The Bucs play them this week

Cedric Benson is really neat.

Another tricky play, but I think Ceddy Bear can do some damage to the Saints defense. He won’t put up Jamaal Charles numbers, but he could get 100 and a touch.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is really neat.

He really didn’t have a strong week against Washington, but The Law Firm should get back on track against the Jags.

Other players who are really neat: Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Josh Freeman, Dez Bryant, Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Ravens Defense, Steve Johnson, Owen Daniels, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Frank Gore, Jordy Nelson.

Take a Seat Week 4 Players

Chris Johnson should take a seat. Forever.

Do I really need to mention why I feel this way? Not only is he a joke, but he’s playing the Texans.

Carolina running backs should take a seat.

Against a strong Falcon’s defense, I wouldn’t even try to guess what goes on with the Carolina offense this week.

Michael Vick should take a seat.

While the Giants’ secondary have some problems, Vick scares me. He’s not the same quarterback he was in 2010, people.

Mikel Leshoure should take a seat.

I think Leshoure can be a good play this season, but I wouldn’t expect what he did against the Titans to happen every week. He’s not the home run kind of back you want in fantasy, but he should get you yardage if he’s able to get carries. The reason I don’t love him here is because the Vikings have given up the 2nd least fantasy points to opposing running backs this season.

Sam Bradford should take a seat.

He should typically be a fill-in for your team, but against Seattle’s defense, you must definitely stay away.

New York Jets running backs should take a seat.

What do you get when mediocre running backs face one of the most feared rush defenses in the NFL? Watch Sunday’s matchup between the Jets and the 49ers to find out.

Danny Amendola should take a seat.

Look, I love Amendola more than a lot of people, but his matchup isn’t good. The Seahawks secondary looks awesome, and I wouldn’t expect Amendola to find many holes.

Brandon Marshall should take a seat.

This is more of a “be cautious” notion, but the Cowboys have allowed roughly 30 yards per game to opposing number one receivers.

Jake Locker should take a seat.

He played well against a poor Lions’ secondary last week, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The division matchup against the Texans isn’t looking good.

Greg Olsen should take a seat.

While he finally got his numbers last week, I don’t like him against a stingy Falcons’ D.

Other players who should take a seat: Jay Cutler, Andre Brown, Steven Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Eagles defense, Lions defense, Denarius Moore, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Brian Hartline, Jerome Simpson