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Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 7

17th of October, 2012

The word “neat” is one of the best descriptors in the entire English dictionary. “Hey, neat shirt, Thomas.” Am I being a sarcastic prick, or am I just an incredibly innocent individual trying to tell Thomas that his clothing is aesthetically enjoyable? Transfer this way of thinking to my weekly “Really Neat or Take a […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 4

26th of September, 2012

I was wrong. Chris Johnson is not a good running back. He shouldn’t have been a first round draft pick, and he shouldn’t be someone you’re starting in your weekly fantasy lineup. I told people to draft him, and it was clearly incorrect direction. Look, you can’t be a good fantasy football manager if you […]

Week 2 By the Numbers

18th of September, 2012

Seriously, could you imagine being part of the Buccaneers’ secondary? This is their job. They do this for a living. To allow Eli Manning to do what he did in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game would be like you or me setting a work-related project on fire just minutes before it was due. And […]

Week 1 By the Numbers

11th of September, 2012

People like to tell me that numbers don’t tell an entire story. And while I wholeheartedly agree, I still see a huge importance in looking at numbers, especially from a football and fantasy football perspective. The whole concept of The Late Round Quarterback is based on the fact that, while quarterback fantasy play is trending […]

How to Lose a Ponder in 7 Days: An Early Conclusion

31st of August, 2012

Christian Ponder is still my quarterback. But Ben Roethlisberger is my starting one. That’s right. Just one day after thinking the fantasy world was over, I landed the big-domed Roethlisberger in a lackluster deal. I gave: Jonathan Dwyer, Alex Smith, Kendall Wright I received: Ben Roethlisberger My lineup in the 16-team league is now: QB […]

How to Lose a Ponder in 7 Days

30th of August, 2012

I’m man enough to admit it. Christian Ponder is my starting quarterback. But it’s a 16-team league, and there are about 30 quarterbacks owned throughout it. I made the mistake thinking I could bank on Russell Wilson late in the draft. In round 11, where I had hoped to get Wilson, there were ten quarterbacks […]