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Current Exchange Rates: Week 4

27th of September, 2013

Wait… what? Week 4? Already? Sheesh. This season is going by far too quickly for my liking right now. Now that we’re heading into Week 4, we can start considering players’ numbers as legitimate trends (good or bad) and not just chalk it up to small sample sizes and going crazy with extrapolations. Trends I’d […]

The Most Inconsistent Usable Players of 2012

29th of May, 2013

Consistency is defined as “The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.” Inconsistency, quite obviously, means the opposite. NFL players who never touch the ball throughout the season could be considered, given the definition, consistent. They’re just consistently bad, playing at a low level no matter the […]

2013 Player Profiles: Stevan Ridley, Frank Gore, Chris Johnson

25th of March, 2013

The Player Profile series breaks down the 2012 performances of key players at each position in order to project where they should be drafted in 2013. Dig in, read up, and look ahead. Stevan Ridley, RB, New England Patriots 2012 was a year in which we saw a lot of young players step into big […]

Defending Chris Johnson: Was His 2012 Campaign Really That Bad?

17th of January, 2013

Often, in fantasy football, we get a lot of noise and chatter in the ether. Twitter has made it easy to get our news, opinions, frustrations, and whatever else out into the ether extremely easy. Often, what you will see on Twitter is a runaway train of news, ideas, or narratives. That is, people get […]

Reaction Monday: Fandom and Fantasy Football

22nd of October, 2012

I’ve let it be known that I’m a Steelers fan. Getting that snippet of information out of the way was important so that, while you read my columns, you know there may be a slight subconscious Steelers’ bias. I really don’t believe I favor the black and gold in my fantasy analysis though. You can […]

Reaction Monday: Brian Hartline did what?

1st of October, 2012

I didn’t realize what Brian Hartline’s stat line looked like until he caught an 80-yard touchdown from Ryan Tannehill in the 4th quarter. And even after the touchdown occurred, I still didn’t believe it. How could Brian Hartline catch 12 passes for 253 yards and a touchdown against one of 2012’s best defenses? Better yet, […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 4

26th of September, 2012

I was wrong. Chris Johnson is not a good running back. He shouldn’t have been a first round draft pick, and he shouldn’t be someone you’re starting in your weekly fantasy lineup. I told people to draft him, and it was clearly incorrect direction. Look, you can’t be a good fantasy football manager if you […]

Week 2 By the Numbers

18th of September, 2012

Seriously, could you imagine being part of the Buccaneers’ secondary? This is their job. They do this for a living. To allow Eli Manning to do what he did in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game would be like you or me setting a work-related project on fire just minutes before it was due. And […]

Reaction Monday: Is Chris Johnson a Fantasy Bust?

17th of September, 2012

It was clear to me that my audience didn’t understand the “You’re Doing it Wrong” articles that I had planned to post each week. While some liked the read from last week, retweeting it and letting me know it was enjoyable, others just couldn’t comprehend the cynical concept. “You’re not doing it wrong if you […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 2

13th of September, 2012

I’ve come to the realization that predicting Week 1 outcomes is like predicting the weather in a Midwest City. Last week was difficult. If you missed my “Really Neat or Take a Seat” column for Week 1, then you failed to see that I told you to bench Demaryius Thomas and Mike Wallace, and start […]