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Weekly Daily Dose: Week 2

13th of September, 2013

How about that Pryor kid? That is the kind of lottery ticket you target in daily play. He was one of the least expensive options with a great matchup and he came through. He certainly helped me out quite a bit. Though, not all of my calls worked out quite as well. Thompkins? Sudfeld? For […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 8

25th of October, 2012

I am a certifiable techie. Literally. I do carry an A+ certification for those familiar with the IT world. I love gadgets – Apple products specifically. Every time they release a new device, Apple-ites drool in expectation. The future is bright and sunny. The days ahead are filled with unicorns and rainbows. Though sooner or […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 4

26th of September, 2012

I was wrong. Chris Johnson is not a good running back. He shouldn’t have been a first round draft pick, and he shouldn’t be someone you’re starting in your weekly fantasy lineup. I told people to draft him, and it was clearly incorrect direction. Look, you can’t be a good fantasy football manager if you […]