It was clear to me that my audience didn’t understand the “You’re Doing it Wrong” articles that I had planned to post each week. While some liked the read from last week, retweeting it and letting me know it was enjoyable, others just couldn’t comprehend the cynical concept.

“You’re not doing it wrong if you started DeAngelo Williams after Jonathan Stewart was ruled out. Williams’ floor should’ve been 7-8 points at worst,” said some dude on Reddit.

“Hindsight is 20:20. I regret nothing for benching RGIII, sorry, I’m just not going to play a rookie QB his first game,” replied another Redditer.

Clearly sarcasm is lost in translation when you post something on Reddit. But fine, that’s all right. Instead of continuing with the idea and topic, I’ll be completely blunt in my headlines from now on. I’ll just leave the sarcasm in the body for those who actually read the entire article. Here are some thoughts on Sunday’s Week 2 action:

Chris Johnson’s Struggles Continue.

It’s no secret that I believed Chris Johnson was a worthy first-round choice this year. By the time drafts hit, I had only four running backs and players (Rice, Foster, McCoy and McFadden) ranked ahead of him. I’m here to tell you that I was wrong. And it’s not the first time.

I’m fortunate that I don’t own CJ?K in any of my leagues. I opted for Darren McFadden in the majority of them instead. But if you own Chris Johnson, it’s time to put together a backup plan.

While CJ?K’s opponents have been good, we must realize, in the opposite words of Dennis Green, that this Titans’ offense is not “what we thought they were.” Jake Locker’s accuracy is a major problem, and the fact that the offense can’t get a running game going is what makes Chris Johnson’s value plummet. He’s had just 19 carries this season for – wait for it – 21 rushing yards. That’s a smaller total than Matt Cassel’s 25 rushing yards against the Bills this week.

The problem with the Chris Johnson situation isn’t just Chris Johnson. His leadership is surely a piece of it, but the offensive line and Jake Locker need to be at least somewhat successful in order for him to be able to establish himself during a game. Having 19 carries won’t cut it.

I would give Chris Johnson one more shot against the Lions next week. If he doesn’t perform, it’s time to send him to your bench before he ruins your fantasy season.

What did you do to the Patriots’ offense, Ken Whisenhunt?

Losing Aaron Hernandez in the first quarter was huge for the Patriots. They couldn’t get into a rhythm. Let’s tip our hats to Arizona and coach Whiz for a great defensive game plan though, too.

While Gronkowski and Welker both had solid games, there’s one person that I think everyone in fantasy football should watch for in these next Hernandez-less weeks: Brandon Lloyd.

The talented receiver had 13 targets this week against the Cardinals, and now is fifth in the entire league in the category. We all know he’s talented, and Brady will be looking for him down the field even more moving forward. Because he hasn’t scored, his fantasy stats aren’t anything special in non-PPR formats, so he’s a definite “buy-low” guy.

Early-round quarterbacks are Andy Dalton-like.

I’m flattered by the tweets telling me that my “strategy was dead on correct”. Remember, the whole concept of The Late Round Quarterback is around the idea that there are only small point variances between the elite quarterbacks and the ones that are drafted late. Last year was really the first time we saw crazy fluctuations. (All in one-quarterback leagues, of course.)

While the quarterback position is somewhat of a cluster right now, I would still say that the elite guys are the “safest” bet each week. The problem is, the fantasy owners who drafted those early-round quarterbacks failed to secure a good RB1 or RB2. And the other issue is that those quarterbacks still won’t be yielding many more points than the average, Andy Dalton-like quarterbacks.

What does this mean for someone who drafted a late-round quarterback? Trade for an elite one. This is the perfect time.

Danny Amendola is AmendolAWESOME.

The Rams’ receiver had 12 receptions in the first half of yesterday’s game against the Redskins. There’s no doubt that he is a PPR stud, and is for sure Sam Bradford’s favorite target. Amendola has a league high 42% of team targets. Now the question is, “what do you do with a guy like Amendola, who is more than likely your WR4 or WR5?”

My honest answer is that you should look to make a move. Either trade Amendola in a package deal to upgrade a piece of your starting lineup, or trade another receiver on your team in order to place Amendola in your lineup. I think Danny is a startable low-end WR2 in standard leagues, and a must start in PPR leagues moving forward.

RGIII continues to impress.

Over 30 points this week against the Rams with standard scoring, and nearly 25 against the Saints during Week 1, RGIII is here to stay. And for all of you Griffin owners – he’s got a juicy matchup against Cincinnati next week.

He may not be able to keep up with his current pace, but RGIII will be a top-10 quarterback by season’s end. And that’s good news for teams with favorite target Pierre Garcon, too, who didn’t play this week due to a foot injury.

Mikel Leshoure is Lesure going to be a big pickup.

If Mikel Leshoure is a free agent in your league, snatch him up. According to the Detroit Free Press, Leshoure is going to be taking over (eventually) as the starting running back in Detroit. This may surprise newer fantasy players because Kevin Smith hasn’t played all that bad, but Leshoure is a more well-rounded back that allows the Lions to play offense with an added dimension.

Darren Sproles amazes without carrying the ball.

Yesterday’s performance by Darren Sproles is exactly why you drafted him early in PPR leagues. He now has 18 receptions and 163 yards in his first two games. But the one stat that is most interesting? He has exactly zero carries.

The Saints are looking to carry the rushing load with Ingram and the impressive Pierre Thomas, so I don’t expect these kind of numbers to change. Keep Sproles in your PPR leagues especially.

The Jets’ offense returns to Earth.

I warned people about the Jets’ offense this week against the Polamalu-less Steelers. It looks as though that Week 1 performance against the Bills was somewhat of an anomaly. Welcome back to the planet, Mark Sanchez.

Stephen Hill caught nothing, and the highest reception count on the Jets was three by Santonio Holmes. While you can attribute these numbers to the Steelers’ secondary, remember that the Jets have the 49ers and Texans coming up over the next three weeks. You’ve been warned.

Against the Bucs, Eli Manning threw for 12 yards less than Aaron Rodgers has thrown the entire season.

The stat of the day has to be Eli Manning’s 243 passing yards in the fourth quarter alone against the Bucs. He made his entire passing game fantasy studs yesterday. It was an incredible performance on his end.

The takeaway from the matchup is that Hakeem Nicks looks back and healthy. He had nearly 200 yards, and is a must start moving forward. Really glad I traded him in my “big league” last week. Cool.

The Bengals’ defense may be that bad.

We can give that aging secondary a pass for getting lit up by the Ravens, but Brandon Weeden? 322 yards? 2 touchdowns?

The offense in Cincinnati has been somewhat surprising, – especially BenJarvus Green-Ellis – but I think it’s safe to say they’re roughly on par with expectations. The defensive side of the ball is where this team will struggle. Whether that’s due to injuries or not, look to play your fantasy starters facing the Bengal’s defense each week. As of right now, you won’t be disappointed.

Will the real Joe Flacco please stand up? Oh wait, he’s been standing for four NFL seasons.

To the last point, Joe Flacco tore up the Bengals’ secondary during Week 1. Yesterday, he looked like average Joe against a great Eagles’ defense. So what gives?

My view on Flacco is the same it’s been all year: You’re not going to get fantasy greatness from him. He’s still a decent starter, but let’s not go nuts over the guy. I made the point that Flacco played a phenomenal Week 1 game against the Steelers last year, too, and got lit up on Twitter for it. Can the haters please realize that Joe Flacco is not an elite-level fantasy quarterback?

Aside from the offense opening up a bit, why should we feel so different about Flacco when the quarterback position in fantasy football is so deep? I see him finishing the season as a low-end starter in 12-team fantasy leagues.