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There’s No “I” in Fantasy Football: It’s Time to Be Rational

21st of January, 2013

As Joe Flacco threw his third touchdown against the Patriots, the single thought that rushed through my head was, “Here we go again.” I mentioned (well, it was more than just a mention) last week that I have this unreasonable disgust for the Ravens quarterback. I’ve never called him “bad” at the quarterback position, but […]

Joe Flacco and My Perpetual Disgust for the Ravens Quarterback

14th of January, 2013

I’m sure he’s a great guy. I bet I could talk to him over a beer and enjoy his company, as long as he’d pay. And I’d venture to guess that he’s morally a decent human being. But man, I just don’t like him. Blame it on my Steeler fandom, I guess. When Joe Flacco […]

Flying Under the Radar

29th of September, 2012

Fantasy football is a game of numbers, not names. That is an important thing to remember for any owner. All of us, at one time or another, have gotten caught up in the allure of having a superstar name on our roster. It’s understandable, too. There’s safety in looking at your team and seeing Drew […]

Reaction Monday: Is Chris Johnson a Fantasy Bust?

17th of September, 2012

It was clear to me that my audience didn’t understand the “You’re Doing it Wrong” articles that I had planned to post each week. While some liked the read from last week, retweeting it and letting me know it was enjoyable, others just couldn’t comprehend the cynical concept. “You’re not doing it wrong if you […]