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Reaction Monday: What Did I Just Witness?

19th of November, 2012

No strategy would have helped you win your Week 11 matchup. Unless, of course, you used reverse logic. While we did see typical stars like Andre Johnson, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Calvin Johnson perform exceptionally well, we also noticed some newcomers to the top of the weekly rankings. Marcel Reece, for instance, gathered 193 […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 11

14th of November, 2012

The moment happens all the time.  It’s usually at the end of the set of the early games, where all kinds of teams are coming back or putting up some massive yardage totals in garbage time. It’s the moment; the moment your team gains 30 fantasy points in a matter of seconds. It’s that moment […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 10

7th of November, 2012

Tight ends are becoming just as mysterious as kickers. “Dude, I just picked up Dennis Pitta!” says Thomas after Week 1. “Man, I’m really excited about Scott Chandler,” mentions Thomas after Week 4. “Bro, check out my tight end I just got – Brandon Myers!” exclaims Thomas after Week 9. The tight end carousel is […]

Reaction Monday: Fandom and Fantasy Football

22nd of October, 2012

I’ve let it be known that I’m a Steelers fan. Getting that snippet of information out of the way was important so that, while you read my columns, you know there may be a slight subconscious Steelers’ bias. I really don’t believe I favor the black and gold in my fantasy analysis though. You can […]

Reaction Monday: Is Chris Johnson a Fantasy Bust?

17th of September, 2012

It was clear to me that my audience didn’t understand the “You’re Doing it Wrong” articles that I had planned to post each week. While some liked the read from last week, retweeting it and letting me know it was enjoyable, others just couldn’t comprehend the cynical concept. “You’re not doing it wrong if you […]

Antonio Brown: Let’s Not Contradict Ourselves

12th of July, 2012

I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I say that Antonio Brown will have a better fantasy football season than Mike Wallace. I find it laughable that my prediction is so “outlandish”. Why do we accept Julio Jones over Roddy White in plenty of fantasy rankings, but completely overlook the second receiver in Pittsburgh? […]