Mark Sanchez silently posted the 10th most fantasy points at the quarterback position last season.

And then the Jets signed Tim Tebow.

There’s not a lot of depth on offense for this year’s Jets team. They’ve got a new offensive coordinater in Tony Sparano, and it’s going to be interesting to see how he uses Tim Tebow with the already existing personnel in New York.

Is there anyone on the Jets that’s really draftable from a fantasy football perspective?

The best value on the Jets this season is…

Shonn Greene. First off, who doesn’t have the urge to put an “e” at the end of his first name every time you type it?

Secondly, and more relevant to fantasy football, Shonn Greene quietly put together a pretty good 2011 season.

I know, I know. Through his first three seasons, he’s been one of those guys that just never gets you want you want. But finishing 19th last year is still in startable position in almost all leagues. And given that he’s going in the middle of round 5 in most 12-team leagues, you could get a lot of value with him this season.

Green averaged a mediocre 4.2 yards per carry last season. He’s that kind of back, and it’s why so many are turned off by him. But early reports are telling us that he’s going to surpass his 253 carries from last season, and that Tony Sparano has big plans for him.

Why shouldn’t we believe that? When Sparano was the head coach in Miami from 2008 through 2011, he had a running back finish 17th, 7th,  30th, and 12th in fantasy.

I expect Shonn Greene to finish no lower than 20th at running back this season. If he can get in the end zone more than he has in the past, then he could be a great value pick in the fifth round.

The player I don’t trust on the Jets is…

Santonio Holmes. Did you know that Ray Rice had more receiving yards than Holmes last year?

If Santonio didn’t get in the end zone eight times in 2011, we’d be talking about a 50th ranked receiver. He finished 30th last year, but it wasn’t pretty.

One thing that could be positive for Holmes this season is that there aren’t many other options at wide receiver on the Jets. We could take this in the other direction though. If you’re playing against the Jets, wouldn’t you rather double up on Holmes and let Chaz Schilens run loose?

I’m afraid of Holmes this year because of the unpredictability, and the poor season he had last year. It’s just that simple.

The one guy I’m most interested in seeing this season is…

Mark Sanchez. In 2011, he may not have put up fantasy numbers from a winning quarterback perspective, but from a fantasy perspective, his being 9th in the NFL in passing attempts helped his fantasy football 10th ranked cause.

I’m excited to see what happens this season for obvious reasons. I don’t think Sanchez is close to draftable, especially given the depth at quarterback, but the drama that will unfold in New York will be nothing short of interesting.

Stay away from Sanchez, but watch the storyline. It’ll be a good one.

The one word to describe the 2012 Jets is…

Unconventional.  With Tim Tebow in New York, and new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, the Jets are going to have a completely new and different look on offense.

Expect Shonn Greene to put up solid RB2 numbers. We can’t overlook the fact that Tony Sparano likes to use his running backs, even if we think Tim Tebow will take some carries away from Greene. The Jets’ running back should still get over 250 carries this year, and he’s still in the prime of his career.

I’m staying away from the rest of the team, however, from a fantasy standpoint.