Well then. With all of that crazy election stuff behind us, who else is ready to just get back to normal life as we know it? Enough with the political arguments on TV, Facebook and Twitter. I’m ready for Twitter arguments to be based on football again rather than ridiculous political issues.

With that, I bring you my choices for some guys to “buy low” and “sell high” on. And as always, feel free to argue with me on Twitter about these guys anytime. I promise I’m not mean.

“Buy Low” Candidates

Quarterback Eli Manning

I just have to think that as talented as he (and his receivers) are, and the fact that he gets 3 nice weeks that include Green Bay, Washington, and New Orleans, Eli has a chance to make up for his poor start. I expect Victor Cruz to be dancing his salsa many times in the coming weeks.

Quarterback Matt Ryan

In recent weeks, Matty Ice hasn’t been lighting it up like he was early on in the season. The perception with him may have waned a bit, and he could possibly be had at a slightly reduced price. But act quickly because he gets the juicy matchup of the New Orleans defense this week.

Running Back Darren McFadden

Wait? How did that get there? I’m not saying to actually “buy low” I just wanted to take this opportunity to publically jump off that train. Figured I would find some reason to talk about him since I’ve been talking about him for weeks. Hopefully it’s not as much of a stretch as ESPN looking for a reason to talk Tim Tebow.

(Now back to actual “buy low” guys)

Running Back Trent Richardson

I think he just had the quietest 100 yard rushing day I’ve seen in recent memory. He is currently on a bye and there may still be some perceived injury concerns. Two consecutive weeks of 100-plus yards rushing I think should quell those concerns. Use the fact that his owner may be in desperate need to get a back this week as fuel to acquire him. I’m really looking forward to his late season match ups against Kansas City and Washington – right in the thick of fantasy playoffs.

Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas
He’s been rather up-and-down in a Vincent Jackson sort of way, but his schedule coming up is favorable. Thomas has San Diego, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Oakland and Baltimore. That is a great string of defenses that should make QB’s and receivers drool. Get him.

“Sell High” Candidates

Running Back Chris Johnson

Call me skeptical. Call me a cynic. I know many people are calling him “back”, but I just find him hard to trust going into my fantasy playoff push. I would much rather use his inflated value right now in an attempt to acquire something a bit more reliable. You have my permission to hit me if I’m wrong, or at least blast me on Twitter.

Running Back Stevan Ridley

I mention him because I want to go ahead and plant his name in the back of your mind. He does have a great matchup this week, so keep him for that. Coming in the next few weeks he encounters a tough schedule that includes Miami, San Fran, and Houston. Sell him as those matchups get closer. It’s a gauntlet of defenses that could make any rusher nervous.

Wide Receiver Eric Decker

This is not as much a knock on Decker as it is my belief that Thomas is the superior talent in Denver. Decker has scored twice in each of the last two games. With the great schedule ahead for passing offenses, I personally believe that we will see a shift toward Thomas in targets.

As we get closer to the fantasy playoffs, start taking a deep look at all the players on your roster. Look at their schedules, and see if there are players such as a Stevan Ridley that have brutal schedules ahead. Look to trade them while they are posting great numbers. And don’t forget to check your opponents rosters to target the players with easier schedules. This is how we can minimize risk going into the most crucial weeks of the fake season.