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How Not to Draft: The Early Wide Receiving Disaster

4th of April, 2013

When it comes to fantasy football mock drafts and rankings, the one thing I’ve learned this off-season is that wide receiver is deep, especially when compared to running backs. Take a quick look at the ADP for running backs and receivers on and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Even though the running back […]

2013 Player Profiles: Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas

13th of February, 2013

The Player Profile series breaks down the 2012 performances of key players at each position in order to project where they should be drafted in 2013. Dig in, read up, and look ahead. Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions Megatron’s 2012 campaign was nothing short of unbelievable. He led all fantasy receivers with 212 standard fantasy […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 10

8th of November, 2012

Well then. With all of that crazy election stuff behind us, who else is ready to just get back to normal life as we know it? Enough with the political arguments on TV, Facebook and Twitter. I’m ready for Twitter arguments to be based on football again rather than ridiculous political issues. With that, I […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Denver Broncos

1st of July, 2012

Training camps. Fantasy football mock drafts. The Home Run Derby. Beer. July. During this phenomenal month of anticipation, I plan to bring some fantasy football insight for each team in the NFL. I’ve creatively coined this “32 Teams in 32 Days”. Man, my originality has hit an ESPN low, hasn’t it? But what better way […]