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Defending Chris Johnson: Was His 2012 Campaign Really That Bad?

17th of January, 2013

Often, in fantasy football, we get a lot of noise and chatter in the ether. Twitter has made it easy to get our news, opinions, frustrations, and whatever else out into the ether extremely easy. Often, what you will see on Twitter is a runaway train of news, ideas, or narratives. That is, people get […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 14

5th of December, 2012

There are instances, like last week, where you take huge gambles with your fantasy football team. When a tiebreaker comes down to total points scored, and you’re a significant number of points behind your biggest competition, you need big play performers to take you over the edge. And if you’ve gotten over the hump and […]

Four Questions to Ask Before You Select a Keeper

10th of November, 2012

You’ve developed a relationship with plenty of NFL players over the years through fantasy football. Deny it all you want, but I can guarantee you there’s someone on your team, right now, that you’d take a bullet for. You drafted Jamaal Charles in 2009. And since then, you’ve had dinners together, saw a couple of […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 10

8th of November, 2012

Well then. With all of that crazy election stuff behind us, who else is ready to just get back to normal life as we know it? Enough with the political arguments on TV, Facebook and Twitter. I’m ready for Twitter arguments to be based on football again rather than ridiculous political issues. With that, I […]

Reaction Monday: The NFL Roller Coaster

5th of November, 2012

Every Autumn Sunday is a roller coaster. You strap in (on your couch), slowly ascend up the opening hill (watch pre-game shows and go on Twitter for start/sit opinions) and then once you hit the apex of the hill (1:00PM EST), you start. It’s go time. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 9

1st of November, 2012

Perception: How you see something given the available information. It’s probably the single most important word in talks of trades and “buy low” , “sell high” type guys. It’s amazing how our perception of a player can change on a weekly basis. I wrote about perception and overreaction over at, but I’ll build on […]

Reaction Monday: Matthew Stafford Defies Logic.

30th of October, 2012

Raise your hand if you benched Matthew Stafford this week. Don’t worry, my hand is raised too. Before you destroy me for even owning Stafford, I got him in a late-round last year in a keeper league. I kept him for $4 of my $200 auction budget this season. Now that that’s out of the […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 8

25th of October, 2012

I am a certifiable techie. Literally. I do carry an A+ certification for those familiar with the IT world. I love gadgets – Apple products specifically. Every time they release a new device, Apple-ites drool in expectation. The future is bright and sunny. The days ahead are filled with unicorns and rainbows. Though sooner or […]

Reaction Monday: Fandom and Fantasy Football

22nd of October, 2012

I’ve let it be known that I’m a Steelers fan. Getting that snippet of information out of the way was important so that, while you read my columns, you know there may be a slight subconscious Steelers’ bias. I really don’t believe I favor the black and gold in my fantasy analysis though. You can […]