Oh, you didn’t start Sam Bradford last week? And you decided to bench Trent Richardson?

Not to fear. This happens every year. The first few weeks of a fantasy football season are the hardest to predict because the league is so fickle. I mean, did you really have Arizona’s defense playing as well as it did against the Patriots in New England?

The further the season progresses, the better predictions should become. As I pointed out last week, I felt better about Week 2. And I think it was an alright week for some of my picks.

I warned you about Jets’ starters, and my love for CJ Spiller proved to be correct. I was digging the Panthers’ passing game, and even took a stab at late-round quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Freeman. They were decent. I didn’t like Chris Johnson and Kevin Smith, and told you to stay away from the Titans’ passing game. Not bad.

And while I missed completely on guys like Andy Dalton and Ben Roethlisberger (to be fair, that was prior to Revis being ruled out), I feel the positives outweighed the negatives. I feel good. This is good.

I’ve gotten some requests to feature some more late-round quarterbacks in this weekly post, so I’ll do just that. Otherwise, it’s the same old, same old.

Really Neat Week 3 Players

Matthew Stafford is really neat.

He’s started the season off shaky, but look at his matchups. He played a solid secondary in St. Louis, and last week, faced the league’s best defense in San Francisco. I see Stafford responding big against Tennessee this week.

Matt Cassel is really neat.

Anyone can throw against that New Orleans’ secondary. Anyone.

Andre Brown is really neat.

If you really need a running back, I think Andre Brown is a solid start against a suspect Carolina rush defense. Pierre Thomas looked like a stud against them last week.

The Panthers passing attack is really neat.

I called it last week and I’m calling it again. That Giants’ secondary is awful, and was exposed (somewhat) again by Josh Freeman last week. Look for Cam, Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell to be solid fantasy starters this week.

Michael Bush is really neat.

With Matt Forte’s health in question, Michael Bush will carry the load against a St. Louis team that is in the bottom one-third in running backs points against. He’s a fantastic flex starter this week, and even an RB2 in deeper leagues.

Buffalo’s defense is really neat.

I had them as a really neat defense in Week 1, and look what happened. I trust the Bills have turned things around after last week’s performance, and they now face a Cleveland team that is no stranger to turning the ball over.

Detroit’s defense is really neat.

Another defense I like is Detroit’s. They’re playing against a struggling Titans’ offense, and they’re coming off a loss against San Francisco. Look for some fierceness out of them.

Mikel Leshoure is really neat.

If you’re really hurting for a running back this week, look at starting Mikel Leshoure against a Tennessee defense that ranks 27th against fantasy running backs. I think he’s going to make an immediate impact on that offense, and long-term, will have much more value than Kevin Smith. Don’t start Leshoure if you’ve got other options, though.

Chris Johnson is really neat.

I told you all to bench him last week, and for good reason. He’s had two pretty bad matchups, but I think he can turn things around this week against Detroit. It’s a make or break week for CJ?K.

Peyton Hillis is really neat.

With Jamaal Charles having knee issues again, Peyton Hillis becomes a great flex start this week against New Orleans. Again, I feel like anyone can have their way against New Orleans’ defense.

Reggie Bush is really neat.

Although the matchup isn’t ridiculous, Reggie Bush is forming an MJD-type role in Miami. The rest of his offense is putrid, but he’s carrying them to competitive places.

Kyle Rudolph is really neat.

The 49ers tough defense is clearly a poor matchup for anyone, but they’ve ranked 23rd against tight ends this season.

The Redskins’ offense is really neat.

The Bengals defense just let up over 400 yards to the Browns. Go with RGIII, Alfie and a potentially healthy Pierre Garcon this week.

One of the Steelers’ running backs is really neat.

Whichever one scores, because one is bound to, is up in the air. I do see them having their way against a bad Oakland rush defense this week.

Brandon Lloyd is really neat.

He’s on the verge of having “one of those games”. Why not a big one against one of the AFC’s best teams?

Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are really neat.

Tampa Bay’s defense was horrendous against the Giants in the fourth quarter. I think they keep it up against the Cowboys.

Dwayne Bowe is really neat.

Again – its the Saints’ defense. Bowe should have his way with them.

Owen Daniels is really neat.

I pointed this out in my “Week 2 By the Numbers” article, but Owen Daniels is actually receiving a heavy amount of targets this season. The only problem is that the Texans haven’t had to throw the ball very often. Against a team that loves to give up yardage and touchdowns to tight ends, I love Daniels this week.

Other really neat players: Ben Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, Brandon Pettigrew, Dennis Pitta, Michael Crabtree, CJ Spiller, Donald Brown, Tony Romo, Brent Celek, BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Take a Seat Week 3 Players

Sam Bradford should take a seat.

Although he’s put up great numbers to this point, don’t expect a whole lot against a Bears’ defense that held Aaron Rodgers in check.

Adrian Peterson should take a seat.

I wouldn’t bench him in most leagues, but this is just a warning to those with deep teams. He may not be the best option against the 49ers rush defense.

Ben Tate should take a seat.

Ben Tate’s value is through the roof after the Texans went ahead early in their first two games. With a formidable opponent, Tate’s numbers should decline.

Jay Cutler should take a seat.

His numbers last week were surely a surprise to many, including me. I don’t trust him until I see something better. That, and the Rams’ defense has done fairly well against the pass.

Carson Palmer should take a seat.

Carson Palmer against the Steelers? I’ll pass.

Eric Decker should take a seat.

What a disappointment he’s been. Against the Texans, I’d look for a better option.

Shonn Greene should take a seat.

The Miami defense held Darren McFadden to a 2.0 YPC average last week. Shonn Greene is no Darren McFadden. You do the math.

Jake Locker should take a seat.

Similar to Cutler, I can’t trust this passing attack until I see something good out of them.

Vincent Jackson should take a seat.

The Cowboy’s secondary hasn’t given up a touchdown to a receiver yet this season. This will continue Week 3.

Josh Freeman should take a seat.

See the reason above. The Cowboys secondary is the complete opposite from last season.

The Bengals’ defense should take a seat.

The injuries have helped, but the Bengals’ defense is not nearly as good as it was last year. Brandon Weeden threw all over them, and against RGIII, you should look elsewhere.

Michael Turner should take a seat.

It’s clear that Michael Turner’s time as an effective NFL running back is limited. He’s not worth a start against an above average San Diego defense.

Larry Fitzgerald should take a seat.

Although he’s played great against the Eagles’ in the past, Larry Fitzgerald just does not play well with Kevin Kolb. Even if Skelton does play, Fitz will have a hard time against the Eagles’ secondary.

Other take a seat players: Mark Sanchez, Cedric Benson, Greg Olsen, Fred Davis, Peyton Manning,