You know you had a dreadful season when the shining star on your team, from a fantasy perspective, was Reggie Bush.

Seriously though, he was quite a surprise even after a mediocre start to the season. While so many drafted rookie Daniel Thomas, others (including myself – humble brag) drafted Bush in the later rounds.

But outside of the former Heisman winner (do we call him that still?), nobody else on the…

Oh wait. Brandon Marshall had 1,214 yards and 6 touchdowns? Where did that come from?
It’s a shame he’s not on the Phins’ anymore.

Here’s my take on this season’s Dolphin team.

If there’s a sleeper on the Dolphins this year, it’s…

Brian Hartline. This is a gut thing more than anything, but Hartline actually had four 4-reception games last season.

All right, this is entirely a gut feeling. Don’t draft him, but keep an eye out after the first couple weeks of the season. He could be a good waiver wire pickup.

The Dolphins suck for fantasy analysis.

The only Dolphin that I’d draft is…

Reggie Bush. His current draft position in a 12-team league, 4.12, seems reasonable for the lack of depth at running back this year.

Bush averaged 5.0 yards per carry last season, which was best in the NFL for running backs that received 200 or more carries. If you’re in a PPR league, he was even more valuable, finishing with an above average 43 receptions

There’s reason to believe that this could be the Reggie Bush that we all thought we’d see when he was drafted by the Saints. It was his first season in Miami, and his first season receiving over 200 carries. Even if he doesn’t get to 200 this season, he’s expected to play a big role in the Miami offense. (That could be a good or bad thing.)

Early reports indicate that Bush will take a larger role as a receiver this season, as the Dolphins are thin at the position. He’s going to be a good security blanket in the passing game.

If Bush is there in the 4th in almost any league format, I can’t fault you for getting him. I wouldn’t go any higher, though.

The most intriguing player on the Dolphins this season is…

Chad Ochocinco. Evidently he’s trying. And he’s entertaining. Therefore, he’s intriguing.

I don’t expect him to be any good. Don’t even waste a potential final pick on him. He hasn’t had a substantial season since 2009, and there’s a reason for that.

Don’t try and be cute and waste a pick on him.

Man, this analysis is rough.

The one word to describe the 2012 Dolphins is…

Rubbish. This offense provides very little value to fantasy football outside of Reggie Bush. The loss of Brandon Marshall just makes the situation that much worse. I don’t know what more to say. This blog entry was depressing.