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In My Defense: Week 7

16th of October, 2013

In My Defense is a weekly feature designed to give you a little advice when it comes to streaming defenses. By nature, defensive scoring is extremely random and difficult to forecast, but each week, we’ll take a look at three defenses who are readily available in the majority of leagues and may be in line […]

Can I Kick It: Week 6

10th of October, 2013

Week 5 was quite an interesting week from a kicker perspective. There was an absolute ton of scoring, as we saw not one, but TWO kickers turn in twenty point performances. There were also SEVEN kickers that finished with 15+ points. I would not be shocked if many a fantasy game turned on the relative […]

Reggie’s Resurrection

21st of September, 2012

Reggie Bush’s journey to fantasy stardom has resembled one of his highlight reel runs from his days at USC: long, winding and astounding. In his time as a Trojan, Bush was nothing short of remarkable. Simply put: he was one of the most electrifying running backs in the history of college football. Every time Bush […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Miami Dolphins

5th of July, 2012

You know you had a dreadful season when the shining star on your team, from a fantasy perspective, was Reggie Bush. Seriously though, he was quite a surprise even after a mediocre start to the season. While so many drafted rookie Daniel Thomas, others (including myself – humble brag) drafted Bush in the later rounds. […]