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Paying Dividends: The 2012 Waiver Wire All Stars

16th of January, 2013

Whether your fantasy team is decimated by injuries or you’re looking to lock down that elusive playoff berth, the waiver wire can make or break your fantasy season. In years past, players have risen out of the abyss to settle all of your fantasy worries. This year was no different. The following is a list […]

Reaction Monday: When It All Goes Wrong

17th of December, 2012

I received a tweet during the late-afternoon games that made me realize my fantasy football playoff situation really wasn’t all that awful.  From  @benjam227, a follower of mine, it read “Got killed today no thanks to Eli, Martin, D. Alexander, Myers & the Lions.” They combined to score 1 point in that particular league. I […]

Fantasy Football Aside, RGIII is the Best Offensive Rookie

8th of December, 2012

I know this is a fantasy football blog, but you can’t play the pretend game without its football core. And the sport– through the media and other outlets – has this bizarre debate being talked about to near exhaustion: Just who is the NFL’s best offensive rookie? The debate differs completely when analyzed from a […]

Reaction Monday: Shonn Greene is a Seoulja.

15th of October, 2012

They just want to be like us. Lighter skin, Levi Jeans, McDonalds and American first names are all something South Koreans are fond of. They like the typical American pop music. And hamburgers – they love hamburgers. They just want to be like us. Yet, they’re missing one big piece of American culture. You see, […]

10 Players That Can Be Like a 2002 Peerless Price

1st of September, 2012

We all wish we had drafted Olandis Gary in 1999. But nobody can predict a future that, even when it becomes the past, still seems completely ridiculous. Plenty of players break into standard fantasy football discussions each year. Some are smaller, like Todd Heap in 2002, while others are massive, like Brandon Lloyd in 2010. […]