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Reaction Monday: Shonn Greene is a Seoulja.

15th of October, 2012

They just want to be like us. Lighter skin, Levi Jeans, McDonalds and American first names are all something South Koreans are fond of. They like the typical American pop music. And hamburgers – they love hamburgers. They just want to be like us. Yet, they’re missing one big piece of American culture. You see, […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Indianapolis Colts

7th of July, 2012

Last year, the Colts were Manning-less. For the first time since 1998, the Colts played a game, followed by an entire season, without number 18 behind center. And we sure saw just how important Peyton Manning was to that team. That team now looks completely different. Manning is out of town, Garcon is too, they’ve […]