Doug Martin kind of ruined my weekend.

No, I wasn’t playing against him. And no, I have nothing against him. He was a “take a seat” guy last week. I really thought higher of the Vikings defense.

I guess I should just be mad at them then, huh?

Regardless, it was a screw up; a bust, if you will. But that happens. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: You won’t win fantasy football if you can’t admit when you’re wrong. I was dead wrong. Hopefully I can win now.

I got things right last week and I massively got things wrong. Titus Young? Nope. Vincent Jackson? You bet. It wasn’t a strong week, but it wasn’t a God-awful one. It was mediocre. It was like Chargers, and I’m Phillip Rivers.

Eh, maybe a little better than that. I think I’d be able to post more than 6 points against a Cleveland defense.

Here are some guys I think are “really neat” this week, and of course, the players I think should “take a seat”:

Really Neat Week 9 Players

Michael Vick is really neat.

Starting it off with some controversy. I fully believe anyone, including Michael Vick, can throw against this Saints defense.

Matt Schaub is really neat.

Against Buffalo, I think Schaub throws for at least two early touchdowns and let’s Arian Foster work his magic in the second half.

Cam Newton is really neat.

We saw what Ben Roethlisberger was able to do against Washington last week, and the Redskins haven’t really been able to stop any quarterback this season. Cam should get at least 15 fantasy points this week given the matchup.

Phillip Rivers is really neat.

After a dreadful start to the season, I see Rivers bouncing back slightly against the Chiefs. Don’t expect a 2008 version of Rivers, though.

Trent Richardson is really neat.

Not that you’d bench T-Rich, but I want to point out the fact that the Ravens’ rush defense has struggled this season. Even off Baltimore’s bye, start Richardson with confidence.

Ryan Mathews is really neat.

The Kansas City rush defense surrendered over 100 yards to Darren McFadden last week, and gave up 26 points to Buccaneers running backs the game before. Start Mathews.

Daniel Thomas is really neat.

Where did that come from? He’s finally healthy, and looks to be the complimentary back the Dolphins need to win. Against the Colts, Danny T could be a sneaky play.

Denarius Moore is really neat.

He’s becoming a must-start each week. Against Tampa Bay, he’s a definite start.

Brian Hartline is really neat.

The Colts have given up double digit receptions to opposing teams every game except for the Jaguars (5 receptions given up) and the Jets (9 receptions given up). Not all that respectable.

Greg Olsen is really neat.

The Redskins have given up at least 7.9 points to opposing tight ends each week except one (against Tampa Bay). Expect Olsen to reap the benefits.

Jermaine Gresham is really neat.

While the Broncos are clicking, their defense is still surrendering the 2nd most points to opposing tight ends.

The Chargers defense is really neat.

The Thursday Night Game thing scares me, but I’d love to start the Chargers against Matt Cassel.

Other really neat players: Matthew Stafford, Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Arian Foster, Michael Bush, Matt Forte, Willis McGahee, Alfred Morris, Doug Martin, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon LaFell, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, Jacob Tamme, Kyle Rudolph, Packers D/ST

Take a Seat Week 9 Players

Matt Hasselbeck should take a seat.

He was a bye week filler last week, but not this week against a crazy good Chicago defense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick should take a seat.

Similar to Hasselbeck, Ryan Fitzpatrick is usually a great matchup play. He gets you points based on quantity. When he plays the Texans, however, I’d be hesitant to start him.

Chris Johnson should take a seat.

It’s his big test. He’s playing a great defense for the first time since breaking free against Buffalo. I don’t like his chances.

Fred Jackson should take a seat.

If I had to choose one of the Buffalo running backs this week against Houston, I’d go with Spiller.

Rashad Jennings should take a seat.

Aside from a 70-plus yard touchdown given up to Marshawn Lynch, the Lions’ rush defense has actually performed really well against opposing running backs.

Vick Ballard should take a seat.

I think there’s a decent split going on in the Indy running game, but I also think Donald Brown has the best chance to emerge with the full-time job. Ballard has a tough matchup against Miami this week. But his overtime touchdown was awesome.

Dez Bryant should take a seat.

The Cowboys are up against the 3rd best defense against opposing wideouts in the NFL, and he could be entering the game with a slight hip injury that was a result of his ridiculous non-touchdown on Sunday. Consider this more of a warning if you start him.

Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin should take a seat.

Joe Haden came back Week 6 and had the pleasure of being destroyed by AJ Green. Since, the Browns have held opposing wide receivers to 14 and 6 fantasy points over the last two weeks. One of them will more than likely get something, but both won’t be worthwhile starts.

Brandon Pettigrew should take a seat.

While it may seem like an advantageous play against the Jaguars, the Jacksonville defense has yet to allow a tight end touchdown this season.

Jermichael Finley should take a seat.

He always should. Can I please stop featuring him in this article?

Dennis Pitta should take a seat.

His trend line has been a negative slope, and Cleveland is 4th best against tight ends in fantasy.

The Steelers Defense should take a seat.

While their performance was promising against the Redskins, Pittsburgh hasn’t play strong on the road, and the secondary is still somewhat depleted.

Other take a seat players: Christian Ponder, Tony Romo, Blaine Gabbert, Jonathan Dwyer, Pierre Thomas, Sidney Rice, Santana Moss, Anthony Fasano, Brent Celek, Eagles D/ST, Cardinals D/ST