The picture says it all. Madi is getting her dog.

Really, though, the fantasy community should be thanking the little girl that brought us all together for one cause. Not only did Madi show us that an illness can’t stop anyone from living a full life, but she made us all realize that the industry we love is filled with genuine, generous people.

So thank you, Madi. Thank you for making grown men cry and for showing us all what giving is about. Enjoy your pup!

Twitter Donations:

  • Ryan McDowell’s (@RyanMc23) wife (@Disney__Dork) will be donating 20% of her commissions from being a Disney Trip planner to the cause.
  • Christian Hardy (@CHardySports) will donate $1 for every new follower he gets this week.
  • will be donating all Amazon commissions through June 15th to the cause.
  • John D. Beckler II (@JDBeckler) will be donating $50 for every league that is created.
  • Matt Rittle (@FFRittle) will be donating $2 for every league that is created.
  • The FF Ghost (@TheFFGhost) will be donating money made from his fantasy football banners, found here. It costs $10 for one, and $100 for a set of 12.
  • is donating the full $600 for a #FFHelpMadi league.
  • FFLockerRoom will be donating $2 for each league that is created and will also be participating in one of them.
  • @shanek72 has pledged $10 for every league that is created.
  • @Peppy_Pants will donate $5 for every league that is created.
  • @TFC_PatJames will donate $1 for every new follower het gets until June 3rd.
  • Micah James (@FFMagicMan) is looking for a co-owner for one of his #FFHelpMadi teams. For more information, click here.
  • John Kerwin (@Jkerwin777K) will be choosing an NBA player in each game this week and donate $1 to each point scored by that player.
  • Fanium Fantasy FB (@FaniumFantasyFB) donated $500 to the cause and will donate $1 (up to $5,000) for everyone who joins the site’s waitlist (click here).
  • @VirginiaWino donated $1 for every home run and strikeout in May 21st’s MLB games. The number ended up being $261.
  • (@OwnTheWarRoom) will be joining a league and giving $1 for every new user sign up the #FFHelpMadi leagues get.
  • @SportsCast_THN is pledging 50% of new member fees to the #FFHelpMadi cause.
  • Zach Law (@Zach_Law) will give the top donator the 100th interview in the “Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert” series.
  • Denny Carter (@CDCarter13) will donate all sales from his eBook “Fantasy Football’s Fertile Ground” over the next month to Madi.
  • Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) and his wife donated $200 to the #FFHelpMadi cause.

Auctioned Items Sold for Madi:

  • Fantasy Sports Writer’s Hall of Famer Gregg Kellogg became a fantasy consultant for a season for one lucky bidder.
  • Dynasty League Football donated subscriptions of their service.
  • Matt Knudson (@m_knudson) gave a signed (with certificate of authenticity) Larry Johnson Penn State jersey up for auction.
  • Zack Scheetz (@calax12) won the Joe Montana jersey auctioned off by Jim Day (@FantazyTaz) for $90. Jason Niehoff (@JasonNiehoff) matched this winning bid for the Joe Montana jersey on Madi’s fundrazr site.
  • Ryan Boser (@Ryan_Boser) auctioned off a signed Percy Harvin 8 X 10.
  • A personalized signed copy of Matthew Berry’s new book was sold for $150 to @WallyBaller76. Jason Niehoff (@JasonNiehoff) matched the winning bid for the book on Madi’s fundrazr site.
  • A Demaryius Thomas signed football (with certificate of authenticity) was donated and sold for $250 to @K_Schwaggs.  Click here to see a picture of the football.
  • @SyracuseSlapper‘s donated 1998 Randy Moss autographed jersey was sold for $301 to @calax12Click here for a picture of it.
  • A personalized signed copy of Mark St. Amant’s (@MarkStAmant) book, “Committed: Confessions of a Fantasy Football Junkie” was sold for $125 to @charlie092474. Mark is a former “5th Down” NFL Blog and Rotoworld columnist. The winning bid also received an extra perk: Mark will give him/her his personal email and cell phone number to use as a “Fantasy Football Bat Phone” for unlimited draft, trade and waiver wire questions all season long.
  • @rpm1010‘s 2006 Playoff National Treasure Joe Montana game used jersey autograph card (#22/25) was sold to @Eric_Yeomans for $150. View the card here.
  • Jim Day (@FantasyTaz) will be @redsrule47‘s personal fantasy consultant in 2013.


Ladd Davies, a staff writer here at, needs our help. His 3-year-old daughter, Madi, has Type 1 Diabetes. And though Madi has a vibrant, talkative attitude, her blood sugar levels can rise or fall to dangerous – and sometimes even life threatening – levels without any signs or symptoms. To help, Ladd is looking to get a Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D.) which would help detect Madi’s blood sugar levels. The dogs’ sense of smell is so sensitive that they can actually alert people when unhealthy levels occur.

Click here to read more about Madi’s story and donate.

You can also send money to PO box 555 Gonzales, FL 32560. Make checks payable to “D.A.D. For Madi”.

The fantasy football community is here for Ladd, as he needs to raise $17,000 to purchase the pooch. Jim Day (@FantasyTaz) has been setting up leagues on that have $50 buy-ins, and half of this money will go to Ladd’s efforts. The other half will be distributed to league winners.

Ladd works hard at what he does. And he’s been nothing but a fantastic contributor to and to the fantasy industry. Now it’s our turn to give back. We encourage all fantasy football enthusiasts to sign up for a league and/or donate to the cause. 

Leagues are currently being filled. If you’d like to participate, send a tweet to Jim Day – @FantasyTaz – and he’ll set you up.

To follow along, this page will be updated daily with newly formed leagues.

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