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About The Late Round Quarterback: 2013 Edition

Fantasy football doesn’t have to be all about luck. There’s a mathematical, logical way of looking at the pretend sport. And that, in the end, is what “The Late Round Quarterback” offers.

The initial version of “The Late Round Quarterback” hit e-shelves just a year ago, giving an opposing view to what the majority of fantasy experts were ranting about. Rather than getting an elite quarterback like Aaron Rodgers with a top fantasy football draft choice – something common among drafters last season – “The Late Round Quarterback” said to wait. And, once the season ended, waiting appeared to be the best option.

It wasn’t as though author JJ Zachariason could predict the future. He simpy used standard mathematical and economic concepts to draw sound conclusions. And in 2013, Zachariason brings even more fantasy football nuggets to your e-reader devices.

[message_box color=”gray”]JJ gets it. He really gets it. Not just when to draft your quarterback. He truly understands and embraces concepts that I consider essential to fantasy football success. Better still, he knows how to communicate those ideas without being a preachy know-it-all. Even if he does indeed know it all.
— Bob Harris, Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Famer[/message_box]

[message_box color=”gray”]Make no mistake, JJ Zachariason’s The Late Round Quarterback: 2013 Edition is much more than a catchy draft maxim explained. The updated edition ranges from helpful tips and straightforward advice to in-depth analysis of key fantasy football drafting strategies. Personally, I love the concept of Market Value Drafting and believe that every advanced and high-stakes player could improve their skills simply by reading that chapter alone.
— Micah James, Editor-in-Chief,[/message_box]

The Late Round Quarterback: 2013 Edition provides additional information surrounding the late-round quarterback strategy and philosophy. In it, you’ll find more of an emphasis on weekly data, additional tips in finding fantasy football gems, a brand new concept of value, and so much more.
So what are you waiting for?

Well, hopefully your quarterback.