First and foremost, I want to thank Phil, Ladd, Austan, Keith, Chad and Travis for all that they’ve done over the last year at Without them, this site would have never been a site – it would’ve just been a place where I went to share my thoughts about fantasy football to an audience of six.

However, at this moment in time, I’ve decided that it’s best to use this [awesome] place as a location for readers to simply do two things: purchase the e-book that got all of this started, and listen to the Living the Stream podcast. This is by no means a result of poor content – the work each of the Late Round Quarterback writers have produced has been nothing short of fantastic. This is a decision made by me, as I’ve entered a different stage of my career.

This is not a goodbye, especially considering things could get started back up tomorrow if we wanted them to. And because Twitter exists. It’s more of a, “Let’s pause with this for now and focus on other things that are a little more important.”

Of course, I’ll still be writing and you can continue to find my work every day over at

Before I go, I want to thank the readers for all of their support since the launch of my e-book a year and a half ago. It’s been nothing but a positive experience, and I look forward to what’s to come.

Go Steelers,


Content can still be found through Google, but there’s no direct link from the site to old content. If you’re looking for something specific, let me know (Twitter) and I’ll send you a link.