If you followed Matthew Berry’s draft strategy last season and drafted Michael Vick with the first overall pick…I’m sorry.

Calling the Eagles a disappointment last year wouldn’t be fair. They were more than a disappointment.

After big free agent signings, the world expected the Eagles to easily make the playoffs and be Super Bowl contenders. After a slow start to the season, Philadelphia dug themselves a hole that not even LeSean McCoy could run them out of.

With the Phillies 13 games under .500, is there something fans in Philadelphia can look forward to in September?

The one player being overvalued is…

Michael Vick. Instead of me throwing stats at you, I’ll send you to my article on Peyton Manning vs. Michael Vick. All the analysis is right there.

You could get a steal in…

Brent Celek. Through the first 5 games of 2011, Celek averaged 1.8 receptions per game. The Eagles won 20% of their games during this stretch. After Week 5, Celek averaged 4.8 receptions per game. The Eagles won 64% of their games during that stretch.

From a fantasy perspective, Celek scored just 5 non-PPR fantasy points through the first 5 games last year. Celek then had double digit performances 5 of the remaining 11 weeks of the season.

And while most see him as a block-first tight end, the 13th round in a 12-team league seems mighty attractive for a guy that finished last year’s fantasy season with the same amount of points as Vernon Davis. Especially after the start he had.

The wide receiver I’d own on the Eagles is…

Jeremy Maclin. Both big-time receivers (Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson) are going in Round 5, and it’s Maclin that I’m higher on.

Why? Well, first of all, it’s important to note that neither of these players reached 1,000 yards last year. Maclin, however, played just 13 games. Jackson played 15.

Maclin also had a better average per game. And he scored one more touchdown.

DeSean Jackson spreads the field and at times grabs an extra defender to cover him. That can open things up underneath for a guy like Maclin.

Not only that, Jackson has one of the worst drop rates in the NFL. With Maclin running through the middle, catching the short ball and getting him some YAC, he’s going to get more consistent numbers.

That’s a good thing. DeSean Jackson was nearly worthless in 6 of his 15 (40%) games last season, scoring 3 or less points. Compare that to Maclin’s “worthless rate”, and you’re at 2 out of 13 (15%).

Jackson is a go big or go home player – much more so than Maclin – but if last year was any indication, he doesn’t really go big anymore.

One word to describe the 2012 Eagles is…

Fluctuating. I think other than LeSean McCoy, the Eagles are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

I’d stay away from Vick completely – he’ll be overrated because of his huge year in 2010. I think drafting an Eagle’s wide receiver is risky given how deep the wide receiver position is, and that their numbers aren’t incredibly impressive. And while Brent Celek could be a good sleeper, he’s still a tight end. Who cares about them?

LeSean McCoy is my favorite guy this year, but other than him, I’m staying away from most Eagles due to unreliability.