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A Year For Streaming in Two-Quarterback Leagues?

22nd of April, 2013

If Aaron Rodgers falls to Round 6 in a standard draft, I’ll nab him. If Drew Brees somehow ended up in the fifth, I wouldn’t hesitate to get him either. However, 99.9% of the time, they don’t. The late-round quarterback strategy is often misunderstood. If it were simply about drafting a quarterback late, my teams […]

The Two-Quarterback League: How This Changes Draft Strategy

2nd of August, 2012

Get your quarterback early. Wait…what? Didn’t I write an entire book on the late-round quarterback strategy? I did. But in my book, I also pointed out that you need to understand your scoring structure before you make any draft decisions. For instance, if your league favors quarterbacks with 6 points per touchdown pass, then you […]