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Free Agent Tight End Winners? Fantasy Owners.

14th of March, 2013

You had Gronk, Graham, Hernandez and Witten. And then you had a lot of question marks. That was the fantasy tight end pool entering Tuesday’s start of free agency. With just four standout players and a handful of middle-tiered ones to draft, fantasy owners were entering a draft arena with only one choice: They almost […]

The Curious Case of Tony Gonzalez

21st of January, 2013

When Tony Gonzalez entered the NFL, Liar Liar, Titanic and Men in Black had just been released to theaters. The Spice Girls were relevant, and Notorious B.I.G had only been deceased for a month. Rob Gronkowski, a fellow tight end in the league, was eight years of age. Gonzalez’s durability in the National Football League […]

Week 10 By the Numbers

13th of November, 2012

There have been two incredibly gutsy performances that stick out in my mind this year. No matter who you are, what team you root for, or how you feel about these particular players – you just can’t help but smile. Torrey Smith’s Sunday Night game against the Patriots, just hours after his brother’s death, showed […]