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Current Exchange Rates: Week 9

1st of November, 2012

Perception: How you see something given the available information. It’s probably the single most important word in talks of trades and “buy low” , “sell high” type guys. It’s amazing how our perception of a player can change on a weekly basis. I wrote about perception and overreaction over at, but I’ll build on […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 1

4th of September, 2012

For the next four months, your life is different. Instead of planning your weekend around a Saturday night, you’re scheduling it around your football team’s game. Rather than cutting the grass on Sunday, you’re doing it on Saturday. And for the religious folk out there, you’re now taking the Saturday night service or mass alternative. […]

10 Players That Can Be Like a 2002 Peerless Price

1st of September, 2012

We all wish we had drafted Olandis Gary in 1999. But nobody can predict a future that, even when it becomes the past, still seems completely ridiculous. Plenty of players break into standard fantasy football discussions each year. Some are smaller, like Todd Heap in 2002, while others are massive, like Brandon Lloyd in 2010. […]