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Week 14 By the Numbers

12th of December, 2012

Fantasy experts make pre-season bold predictions based off of high potential and opportunity. It’s why so many liked Matt Ryan coming into 2012, or unproven running backs Doug Martin and Trent Richardson. And it’s the reason fake footballers selected new Chiefs’ running back Peyton Hillis as early as Round 5. (Eek.) The first game of […]

Week 10 By the Numbers

13th of November, 2012

There have been two incredibly gutsy performances that stick out in my mind this year. No matter who you are, what team you root for, or how you feel about these particular players – you just can’t help but smile. Torrey Smith’s Sunday Night game against the Patriots, just hours after his brother’s death, showed […]

Week 8 By the Numbers

30th of October, 2012

Dallas fans had little to cheer about on Sunday. After going down 23 points to their division rivals, “America’s Team” (which clearly isn’t true) did what they’ve been doing in recent times: They gave fans hope and just flushed it down the crapper. Dez Bryant’s long hands are the reason the Cowboys lost to the […]

Week 7 By the Numbers

24th of October, 2012

Arian Foster is out of this world. We’re all talking about Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and what they’ve done over the last few weeks, but where’s the Arian love? He’s scored a touchdown in every game except for one. He’s already got 9 on the ground, which is 4 more than any other running […]

Week 2 By the Numbers

18th of September, 2012

Seriously, could you imagine being part of the Buccaneers’ secondary? This is their job. They do this for a living. To allow Eli Manning to do what he did in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game would be like you or me setting a work-related project on fire just minutes before it was due. And […]

5 Fantasy Football Facts You Should Know for Your 2012 Draft

31st of July, 2012

If you’ve read my blog over this inaugural month, I hope you’ve noticed that I like looking at historical numbers. My book, The Late Round Quarterback, deciphers past numbers in order to provide a well-developed fantasy football strategy that can help both pre- and post-draft. It’s not all that fair to look at the previous […]