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Lamar Miller, Emmanuel Sanders and 2013’s Other Breakout Players

25th of August, 2013

Every year, without fail, players who have had very little success in their professional careers emerge as fantasy studs. For some breakout stars (Stevan Ridley, Colin Kaepernick, C.J. Spiller), it’s a matter of opportunity. For others (Russell Wilson, Doug Martin, Alfred Morris), it’s being more pro-ready as rookies than everyone assumed. Each one of those […]

Really Neat or Take a Seat: Week 13

28th of November, 2012

There’s a story of a British man, Ashley Revell, who bet his entire life savings on a color. In April of 2004, Revell walked into the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and placed $135,300 on the color red at a vacant roulette table. A crowd gathered, cheering for Revell’s success. As the […]