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Quarterback Streaming and Position Predictability

10th of June, 2013

Simply put, streaming in fantasy football is playing someone – typically off the waiver wire – based on matchup rather than true skill. Defenses are the perfect option to stream because their fantasy output directly relates to the opposition’s offensive play. That’s why you constantly see team defenses on and off the waiver wire throughout […]

Week 13 By the Numbers

4th of December, 2012

I find it interesting when folks on Twitter and the ones who frequent this website are surprised that I point out every mistake in drafting a quarterback early. “Ok, ok,” says Twitter follower Thomas. “We get it. Draft your quarterbacks late.” The problem, Thomas, is that “we” is only a selection of people. There are […]

How Historic Was Aaron Rodgers’ 2011 Campaign?

19th of July, 2012

Everyone wants to get Rodgers this season because his 2011 campaign was so spectacular. But we can’t look at Aaron Rodgers’ season last year and simply conclude that it was far and away the best we’d ever seen. Yes, he scored the most points ever from a fantasy quarterback, but that’s all relative. I’ve been […]