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Current Exchange Rates: Week 4

27th of September, 2013

Wait… what? Week 4? Already? Sheesh. This season is going by far too quickly for my liking right now. Now that we’re heading into Week 4, we can start considering players’ numbers as legitimate trends (good or bad) and not just chalk it up to small sample sizes and going crazy with extrapolations. Trends I’d […]

Recappin’ Dat Ass: Week 2

17th of September, 2013

Recappin’ Dat Ass is a weekly article that gives you a recap of some of the major stories in the NFL. In a vein attempt to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions in subsequent weeks, I will look at specific players and situations that are especially pressing for fantasy owners. […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: San Diego Chargers

9th of July, 2012

In 2011, the Chargers had arguably their worst season under quarterback Philip Rivers. The once sure bet fantasy starter turned into a mediocre one last season. And while we can credit some of his efforts to injuries on the offensive side, many experts believe Philip Rivers struggles with accuracy and decision-making. The shining star for […]