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It’s Time to Do The Dirty Bird With Steven Jackson

18th of March, 2013

The obvious wall that Michael Turner hit in 2012 was depressing. The chunky plodder was one of fantasy football’s best assets over the last five seasons, but watching him this past season was like seeing your favorite actor appear in a Lifetime movie. It was sad. There were zero eyebrows raised when he was released […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 7

18th of October, 2012

Week in and week out, we have no shortage of surprises. Week 6 was no different. Injuries and general craptastic or surprisingly good play all had a hand in making the week quite an interesting one. There was a good bit of shake up in the value of some players too, so let’s get right […]

Current Exchange Rates: Week 4

28th of September, 2012

This past weekend was simply crazy. You know scoring was not going as expected when 2 of the top-5 scoring quarterbacks for the week included Christian Ponder and Jake Locker. All across the board there were several studs who put up dud numbers, while the typical pedestrian players bursted out for big days. It happens. […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Atlanta Falcons

12th of July, 2012

The Falcons are an attractive team. It’s not because Matt Ryan was voted as the most handsome quarterback in the NFL. It’s because each of their skill positions on offense brings a fantasy relevant player. How many teams can we say has that? The 2011 season saw fragments of what Julio Jones is capable of […]