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Late-Round Quarterbacking and Injury-Proneness

16th of September, 2012

Explaining the entire concept of my fantasy football philosophy in a few 140-character tweets just doesn’t work. That’s why I wrote a book. It’s not as though I believe I’ve created something so in depth that it just can’t be comprehended. It’s that, no matter what I say, counterarguments will be made. Especially when these […]

Risk, Reward and 2012 First-Round Running Backs

13th of August, 2012

The concern over drafting a running back in the first round is rising. With the injury to Ryan Mathews, the knee problems with Trent Richardson and the off-the-field concerns with Marshawn Lynch…we’re scared. We don’t want to draft a player that’s not going to produce first round numbers. However, we tend to forget that every […]