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Current Exchange Rates: Week 4

27th of September, 2013

Wait… what? Week 4? Already? Sheesh. This season is going by far too quickly for my liking right now. Now that we’re heading into Week 4, we can start considering players’ numbers as legitimate trends (good or bad) and not just chalk it up to small sample sizes and going crazy with extrapolations. Trends I’d […]

Weekly Daily Dose: Week 2

13th of September, 2013

How about that Pryor kid? That is the kind of lottery ticket you target in daily play. He was one of the least expensive options with a great matchup and he came through. He certainly helped me out quite a bit. Though, not all of my calls worked out quite as well. Thompkins? Sudfeld? For […]

Jimmy Graham, Elite Wide Receiver Talent and Predictability

26th of June, 2013

After a somewhat controversial piece on Graham, I’ve decided to look at a different angle that may help define Jimmy Graham’s true fantasy value in 2013: Would his value change if he played wide receiver? The Need for Elite Receivers I’ll introduce this section with a piece from The Late Round Quarterback: 2013 Edition: One […]

An Argument Against Jimmy Graham

21st of June, 2013

What’s there not to like about Jimmy Graham? His basketball roots fit the Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates fantasy stud mold, and he’s already shown that he can be a dominant force playing a game that he barely competed in at the college level. At 6’7”, Graham is almost the size of two Gary Colemans […]

Fantasy Disappointments: Several Top Picks Off to Sluggish Starts

20th of October, 2012

Top picks are supposed to be among the elite performers in all of fantasy football. When you select a player in the first or second round, you’re expecting that guy to finish among the top players at his position. When early-round selections produce like they’re supposed to, they’re easy to take for granted. After all, […]

Gronk and Graham: Why These Tight Ends Are Risky

30th of July, 2012

Gronk and Graham. It sounds like it should be a band name. In 2011, these two tight ends put up the most historic numbers we’d ever seen at the position from a fantasy perspective. Rob Gronkowski scored 18 touchdowns en route to posting 241 fantasy points, and Jimmy Graham scored 11 of his own for […]