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Making a Case for Clifford Spiller Jr. in 2013

21st of February, 2013

You may not win your fantasy football league with your first round pick, but you can certainly lose it. Unless that first round choice is C.J. Spiller. My top 100 rankings came, of course, with general criticism. I expected it; it’s a massively subjective piece, and the fact that I devalue quarterbacks never helps. But […]

Late-Round Quarterbacking and Injury-Proneness

16th of September, 2012

Explaining the entire concept of my fantasy football philosophy in a few 140-character tweets just doesn’t work. That’s why I wrote a book. It’s not as though I believe I’ve created something so in depth that it just can’t be comprehended. It’s that, no matter what I say, counterarguments will be made. Especially when these […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Buffalo Bills

21st of July, 2012

Fred Jackson could have been the best fantasy football running back last season if he hadn’t gotten hurt. He broke a bone in his right leg during his 10th game of the season, ending his year. Teams that were banking on Jackson to carry them to the playoffs were devastated. CJ Spiller owners, on the […]