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The Great LRQB Running Back Run of 2013: Fan League Analysis

19th of August, 2013

The Late Round Quarterback staff put together a league with eight fan participants. The staff of writers did a Google Hangout during draft. You can view the draft results here. I ran through a series of titles for this piece: “The Time Phil Lost His Sanity Live on YouTube”; “Thomas Jones: A Guy Who Was Actually Drafted”; […]

2013 NFL Draft: Rookies Changing Veteran Fantasy Values

26th of April, 2013

There will be plenty of articles written in the coming days on how the skill players selected in the first round will perform with their new teams. In fact, our own Sal Stefanile has already finished one. But I decided to go a different route. It’s great to speculate how rookies will impact fantasy lineups, […]

Value: Why Do We Lose Sight After the Season Starts?

27th of October, 2012

There’s a purpose, or objective, associated with everything you do. You go to the gas station. Why? Because you need gas. Your car won’t run without it. You slip in your Madden disc for some gaming. Why? Because you want the enjoyment of seeing your beloved Browns actually win a game. Everything you do, there’s […]

Dos and Don’ts With Late-Round Draft Selections

6th of August, 2012

We spend way too much time agonizing over our early-round draft selections. The fact is, nearly everyone in your league will have similar rankings at the top end of the draft. And sure, you can say “I’m going to avoid Chris Johnson at all costs,” but at the end of the day, what really differentiates […]

Gronk and Graham: Why These Tight Ends Are Risky

30th of July, 2012

Gronk and Graham. It sounds like it should be a band name. In 2011, these two tight ends put up the most historic numbers we’d ever seen at the position from a fantasy perspective. Rob Gronkowski scored 18 touchdowns en route to posting 241 fantasy points, and Jimmy Graham scored 11 of his own for […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20th of July, 2012

The Buccaneers made a splash on offense this off-season with the signings of Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks and Dallas Clark. And in the draft, they selected Boise State running back Doug Martin. But after Josh Freeman’s extreme dip in play last season at quarterback, will these players become just as irrelevant as any non-Reggie Bush […]

5 Invalid Claims About 2012 Wide Receivers

16th of July, 2012

Each season, fantasy owners and experts like to make generalizations about players that make little logical sense. They’ll compare two completely separate instances in order to come up with ill-informed conclusions. They’ll say things like, “this quarterback is bad, and so this wide receiver can’t be good.” The same is happening this year. We’ve got […]