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Weekly Daily Dose: Week 2

13th of September, 2013

How about that Pryor kid? That is the kind of lottery ticket you target in daily play. He was one of the least expensive options with a great matchup and he came through. He certainly helped me out quite a bit. Though, not all of my calls worked out quite as well. Thompkins? Sudfeld? For […]

Recency Effect: The Fight Against “What have you done for me lately?”

23rd of April, 2013

I’m cynical. I’m not a person who is especially optimistic, and I have trouble believing that good news is actually good. I usually find myself asking, “What’s the catch?” While this isn’t something that I’m necessarily proud of, I think it serves a purpose when I’m making decisions in fantasy football. It can save me […]

2013 March Assumption Draft: Rounds 1 & 2 Recap

6th of March, 2013

The 2013 Assumption Draft, brainchild of founder JJ Zachariason, brought a bunch of us fantasy aficionados/geeks/whizzes together to partake in a little offseason mocking. For a complete breakdown of how the assumption draft works, click here. For a quick explanation, keep reading this sentence: We assigned notable rookies and free agents to teams (that’s […]

2013 Player Profiles: Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Doug Martin

25th of January, 2013

The Player Profile series breaks down the 2012 performances of key players at each position in order to project where they should be drafted in 2013. Dig in, read up, and look ahead. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings Peterson finished the 2012 season as the top running back in fantasy scoring. There is no reason […]

Defending Chris Johnson: Was His 2012 Campaign Really That Bad?

17th of January, 2013

Often, in fantasy football, we get a lot of noise and chatter in the ether. Twitter has made it easy to get our news, opinions, frustrations, and whatever else out into the ether extremely easy. Often, what you will see on Twitter is a runaway train of news, ideas, or narratives. That is, people get […]

Week 11 By the Numbers

20th of November, 2012

In Week 10, Matt Schaub failed to reach the century mark in the passing yards category. Just a week later, Schaub surpassed five centuries worth of passing yardage. I’d be surprised to find a more dramatic swing from one week to the next at the quarterback position. In one game, Schaub raised his average yards […]

Week 7 By the Numbers

24th of October, 2012

Arian Foster is out of this world. We’re all talking about Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and what they’ve done over the last few weeks, but where’s the Arian love? He’s scored a touchdown in every game except for one. He’s already got 9 on the ground, which is 4 more than any other running […]

Reaction Monday: Fandom and Fantasy Football

22nd of October, 2012

I’ve let it be known that I’m a Steelers fan. Getting that snippet of information out of the way was important so that, while you read my columns, you know there may be a slight subconscious Steelers’ bias. I really don’t believe I favor the black and gold in my fantasy analysis though. You can […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Houston Texans

24th of July, 2012

The Texans could have been the AFC’s Super Bowl representative if Matt Schaub hadn’t gone down in 2011. But in the off-season, the Texans didn’t really make their case for getting there in 2012. They lost two of their starting offensive lineman, and veterans Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans left on the defensive side. And […]