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Fantasy Football and the Admissibility of Expert Rankings

6th of July, 2013

  “The art of junk science is to brush away just enough detail to reach desired conclusions, while preserving enough to maintain an aura of authoritative science.” – Peter W. Huber A few weeks ago I got paid to research the Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Supreme Court case and Rule 702 of the Federal […]

Rivers and Romo — Will Either Bounce Back?

2nd of November, 2012

Coming into the season, Tony Romo and Philip Rivers were low-end No. 1 quarterbacks in 12-team, one-quarterback leagues. Those of you who subscribe to this site’s motto — grabbing a starting quarterback late in fantasy drafts — may very well have ended up with one of these two guys. Well, there is no other way […]

Stay Away: Players to Avoid in 2012

27th of August, 2012

They’re like a steak from Applebee’s. They’re like a girl with a man-voice. They’re like a bathroom after someone went “number 2” in it. They’re like used needles. They’re like conversations about Tim Tebow. They’re like the show Toddlers and Tiaras.  They’re like a MySpace investment. They’re like the kid who talks about philosophy at […]

Valuing Fitz: Where Should You Draft Larry Fitzgerald?

7th of August, 2012

Last season, Larry Fitzgerald caught 80 balls for 1,411 yards and 8 touchdowns. Kevin Kolb and John Skelton were his quarterbacks. Coming into 2012, Fitz has the same guys throwing him the ball. But with little changing, many are pushing him down their pre-season rankings because “his quarterbacks are bad.” Am I missing something? The […]

32 Teams in 32 Days: Overview

2nd of August, 2012

The 32 Teams in 32 Days series is complete. And, in hindsight, I really hope the articles on each team aren’t in front of you on draft day. After all, when I wrote about the Lions on July 8th, I was much higher on a guy like Jahvid Best than I am now. But, looking […]

5 Fantasy Football Facts You Should Know for Your 2012 Draft

31st of July, 2012

If you’ve read my blog over this inaugural month, I hope you’ve noticed that I like looking at historical numbers. My book, The Late Round Quarterback, deciphers past numbers in order to provide a well-developed fantasy football strategy that can help both pre- and post-draft. It’s not all that fair to look at the previous […]

Gronk and Graham: Why These Tight Ends Are Risky

30th of July, 2012

Gronk and Graham. It sounds like it should be a band name. In 2011, these two tight ends put up the most historic numbers we’d ever seen at the position from a fantasy perspective. Rob Gronkowski scored 18 touchdowns en route to posting 241 fantasy points, and Jimmy Graham scored 11 of his own for […]