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32 Teams in 32 Days: Cleveland Browns

11th of July, 2012

The Browns will have a new look offense in 2012. It appears as though the Colt McCoy era is over. Well, I guess I shouldn’t call it an era – that makes it sound like it was long. Brandon Weeden is expected to be the starter in Cleveland this season. In an AFC North division […]

Running Back Breakout Seasons: The Sophomore Slump

9th of July, 2012

This isn’t about predicting a breakout season for a running back. Instead, this is about what happens to players after they put up top numbers for the first time in their careers.

For this analysis, I’ve defined “breakout season” as the following:

A player has a breakout season when he finishes in the fantasy football top 20 at his position for the first time in his career.

Peyton Manning, Michael Vick and Risk vs. Reward

5th of July, 2012

The whole concept of risk vs. reward is what drives most fantasy football valuations. I can tell you to draft Jamaal Charles in the second round, but you may feel his coming off of a torn ACL (his risk) far outweighs his potential to reproduce the numbers he posted in 2010 (his reward). This idea […]