Keith Black

Can I Kick It: Week 7

16th of October, 2013

When I told people, both personally and over the world wide web, that I’d be trying to give out kicker streaming options, I was mostly met with laughter. As I’ve written time and time again, kicker is the lonely orphan of not only the fantasy football world, but of the football world at large. I […]

Can I Kick It: Week 6

10th of October, 2013

Week 5 was quite an interesting week from a kicker perspective. There was an absolute ton of scoring, as we saw not one, but TWO kickers turn in twenty point performances. There were also SEVEN kickers that finished with 15+ points. I would not be shocked if many a fantasy game turned on the relative […]

Can I Kick It: Week 5

4th of October, 2013

Kickerland HQ is the place to be right now. We have pizza parties, some cool segways, and bros lounging in bean bag chairs. It’s great to be a Kickerland employee with another good week in the books. The kicker position is never an easy one to predict, as it often is so reliant on situation, […]

Can I Kick It?: Week 4

25th of September, 2013

Over at Kicker & Kicker LLC, we are constantly crunching numbers to try and give you some tasty kicker picks. Last week was not a bad week here, as the pick analysis was mostly right. Kickers can be a frustrating thing to predict, as totally correct logic can go terribly wrong pretty easily. Teams with early […]

Can I Kick It?: Week 3

18th of September, 2013

It was not a great week for me at Kickertown HQ. A couple of could-be, woulda-been big games were foiled (mostly) by circumstance, but my picks weren’t all that bad in retrospect. You could have had Randy Bullock (and at 99% ownership in leagues, I’m sure some of you did). Here’s how we did […]

Can I Kick It?: Week 2

11th of September, 2013

Week 1 is in the books and it was a mildly frustrating week for the boys over at Kicker HQ. First, let’s take a look at last week’s picks: Garrett Hartley – 12 points (tied for 4th amongst kickers) Adam Vinatieri – 3 points (tied for 27th amongst kickers) As promised, I want to have […]

Can I Kick It?: Week 1

4th of September, 2013

The scourge of the fantasy world is, and always has been, the kicker. It’s a position that generally drives owners crazy, as trying to predict the position is akin to trying to predict a roulette wheel. Most owners simply draft a kicker and forget about the position until it is their player’s bye week. I […]

The Great LRQB Running Back Run of 2013: Fan League Analysis

19th of August, 2013

The Late Round Quarterback staff put together a league with eight fan participants. The staff of writers did a Google Hangout during draft. You can view the draft results here. I ran through a series of titles for this piece: “The Time Phil Lost His Sanity Live on YouTube”; “Thomas Jones: A Guy Who Was Actually Drafted”; […]

Staff Wide Receiver Rankings: July Update

29th of July, 2013

The Late Round Quarterback staff put together their wide receiver rankings for the 2013 season. The following rankings are based on standard wide receiver scoring in redraft leagues, where each touchdown is worth six points and one point is rewarded for every 10 rushing and receiving yards. Player Rank JJ Chad Phil Ladd Keith Travis […]